Beverage Distribution System

  • Jul 11, 2022

Your A-Z Swagman heard an interesting term recently: Beverage Distribution System.

Whether one frequents a fast-food restaurant, a neighborhood pub or a high-end dining establishment, an important part of the meal is the beverage. Now, your A-Z Swagman mostly enjoys a diet soft drink (especially when I’ll be driving), but I have also been known to have a pint of cider or a glass of Pinot Noir. Regardless of the libation, in most cases, the establishment has to provide a vessel for the customer.

It is easy to think: “you’re talking about a cup (or glass), what’s the big deal?” To that I would say you’re missing a huge opportunity to market your business! Take a look at the McDonalds, Wendy’s, Subway’s, and a host of other fast-food brands of the world. You will not leave those establishments without a beverage showing their brand. Obviously, the economy of scale kicks in for those restaurants.

How about the mid-size pubs? Or maybe a small, local or regional chain of restaurants? Does one leave these establishments with a glass in hand? — probably not, but can a meal or event be enhanced with a special glass? One might even have the opportunity to purchase a special glass with the establishment’s brand emblazoned! (It works for the Hard Rock Café!)

And let’s consider the high-end establishment. The big draw is often a chef who knows how to select just the right cut, pair it with the best veg and recommend a wine to create a symphony in one’s mouth. (Excuse me, your A-Z Swagman has to wipe his mouth.) Nothing less than the best crystal stemware will do for this experience, right? Perhaps, perhaps not. This high-end restaurant may wish to brand their quality glassware — or even use this opportunity to show an environmental concern by using recycled glass! Maybe this maestro of a chef hosts occasional special events that can be remembered by a nice wine glass.

With all of these opportunities, let’s start to consider the Beverage Distribution System as not just a cup, but an integral part of your brand’s marketing plan. Your A-Z Swagman and your local A-Z rep are happy to help find the best fit for your brand’s voice. Reach out to start the conversation today!


Note: brand names noted in this blog entry are the property of their respective owners and are not an endorsement of any kind. Companies listed are for identification and example purpose only.

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