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  • Apr 27, 2020

I recently watched a wonderful TEDx talk about drawing. Long before your A-Z Swagman was . . . well, your A-Z Swagman, I was in a BFA program studying photography. Of course, BFA programs cover much more than just the focus and drawing was never one of my strong points. That said, I'm constantly doodling in the margins, and this talk had a comfortable familiarity. You can watch the talk here: . . . don't worry, I'll wait for 15 min and three seconds. 

ba, da, dum, dum, ba, da, dee -- ba, da, dum, dum, de-de-de-de

That was supposed to be the Jeopardy tune another one of your A-Z Swagman's less than mastered skills.

In watching Mr. Graham Shaw’s talk, I found myself starting from a thought of, this is very simplistic, progressing to, what a nice thing to do, and winding up with, how very inspirational! I know many of us are just itching for the chance to return to one on one, or one on small group meetings. It will come! And when your A-Z Swagman winds up in a class or lecture seat, you just know I’ll be doodling in the margins again:


One brief mention of promotional products did any of you catch at the end of the video, Graham tells everyone to feel free to take the pens home. At that point, I went back over every video shot of the audience members drawing, but couldn’t see clearly what they were using. Perhaps Graham brought in plain pens for everyone out of his own pocket. Perhaps he had those pens printed with his own contact information promoting his own consulting business. Or perhaps he partnered with a generous company to sponsor his talk, giving out the pens with their website to provide advertising to this group of potential clients for a year or more. I guess we’ll never know . . .

. . . but think about your next presentation or event! Contact your A-Z Account Rep, or your A-Z Swagman to discuss!


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