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  • Jul 18, 2022

The future — because the past is just remembering.

Upcoming events

Time keeps on marching, so be sure your laces are done up! 


Once again, your A-Z Swagman has a few ideas to share about branding opportunities. Perhaps you already have an annual event planned, or this could be the start of exciting new marketing events — either way, A-Z Office Resource would like to help with your promo needs!

October It’s hard to think on October without thinking about beer and/or candy (for obvious reasons). But did you know it’s also:

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. Sponsored by the ASPCA, this event promotes the adoption of dogs from local shelters. Dogs have been human companions for tens of thousands of years according to the Smithsonian and the benefits go both ways. Healthy walks, social interaction and learning patience are just a few.

Your business can individually brand or co-brand portable water bowls, bandannas or dog toys for shelters to give out with their adoptees. 

National Dental Hygiene Month. Since 2009, the ADHA and WHOP have been working to promote public awareness of the importance of maintaining good oral health. Dentists have been maligned in theatrical releases and avoided, but they provide an important insight into your overall health! 

Dentists have a trove of opportunities to reach out to patients — especially at a young age! Stress toys, travel brush kits, brush covers and stickers are the tip of the iceberg!

Health Literacy Month. And it’s not just dentists — October is a time for learning about all aspects of health. The IHA sponsors Health Literacy Month to promote awareness of a wide range of health issues.

Doctors, hospitals and clinics can reach out to their community with literature aimed at kids or adults. Bookmarks are an inexpensive and easy handout. Or encourage healthy eating at work with a collapsible salad dish!

Oct 9th is Clergy Appreciation Day. Your A-Z Swagman is proud of his retired Episcopal priest father, as well as other family members in church leadership positions. Here’s one event that promo may not be the best fit — Dad always appreciates a donation to an important cause in his name. 


I can't turn the clock back but I can seek the forgiveness of those I've wronged. — Richard Coles 

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