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  • Apr 6, 2020

We live in crazy times, let’s be proactive by

Looking Forward

because looking backwards is just remembering!


By now, your A-Z Swagman shouldn’t need to remind you about increasing your advertising. Also, I shouldn’t need to remind you that promotional products are the most effective advertising tool available.

So I won’t.

Instead, let’s look forward to the end of this pandemic. No, your A-Z Swagman doesn’t have a magic 8-ball that gives answers as to when we’ll have the all-clear (although I can put your brand on them!) and the data curves on the CDC website are all still on the rise ­— it would be irresponsible to suggest a date when things return to normal. Of course starting plans now ensures your brand needs are at the front of the line when factories and decorating plants start to ramp back up.

With all that in mind, let’s start looking about the middle of summer.

June 29 is National Camera Day

A profession that is near and dear to your A-Z Swagman’s heart — in fact I studied photography while we still had to mix chemicals and work in darkness! Happy days. Today, photography is all around us — you may even be reading this blog on a device that doubles as your primary camera! Celebrate and promote your brand with selfie props, webcam covers, camera phone lenses and lens wipes. 

July 1 is National Postal Worker Day

I’m sure no one will deny that delivery folk are one of the greatest heroes of this current situation — right behind the health-care workers who keep us well, these are the folk who bring us our letters and packages, keeping us more tangibly connected while maintaining social distancing. And yes, your A-Z Swagman does feel this day should be expanded to include other delivery professionals (UPS, FedEx and AZOR drivers to name a few!!) I can think of no better way to show love than to comfort the feet they’re on every day. Socks!

July 11 is National Mojito Day

Of course, that most important day in July! Fun to say, fun to consume, fun all around!! Raise your branded highball glass to summer!!


Stay safe out there and wash your hands!


Did I miss your favorite day? 

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