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  • Nov 4, 2019

As I often do at work, your A-Z Swagman was listening to a playlist on YouTube today. This playlist is made up of songs that I know I like and others that YouTube has suggested – and I don’t always remember which is which.


Usually, songs play in the background (through headphones – don’t want to disturb the neighbor – he’s disturbed enough as it is!), while your A-Z Swagman works on promo orders for clients. Occasionally however, the video will be visible on one of my monitors, allowing me to see the creativity of the band and director. Today’s blog post was inspired by (wait for it) Imagine Dragons, Whatever It Takes. Some of you may be groaning, others may be applauding – neither is of great concern to me as it was the visual elements of the video that started my idea train in motion. (watch it below or dont, your choice)

In the video, the band starts out performing in what appears to be a finished basement. During the song, this set starts to fall apart through a series of earthquake, flood and fire – all the while, the band continues performing the song. As they continue performing underwater (with not-quite mermaids swimming around them) it occurred to me: someone had to find the instruments that were destroyed in this video.

In a past work life, your A-Z Swagman taught college level graphic design and photography. Some students were on the traditional path towards careers, others were changing their chosen career’s mid-life (and a few were just taking classes for the fun of it!) Of course, I always advised students to find the career that made them happy – it just never occurred to me that sourcing items to be destroyed could be an actual job!! If any of my loyal readers have had this sort of job currently or in the past, I would love to know how you arrived there and what part of the whole workday is consumed by sourcing items to be destroyed. The A-Z Swagman is just curious, nothing more.

What does this have to do with promotional products? Nothing really, but then again, if your A-Z Swagman only thought about promotional products, I wouldn’t be as interesting as I can be in real life, right?


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