Stumbling Upon Promotional Products in the World #7

  • Sep 3, 2019

Stumbling Upon Promotional Products in the World #7

  • Found: Dragoncon 2019
  • Item: Lanyard
  • Promoted Brand: Remembering Stan Lee


Your A-Z Swagman just spent Labor Day weekend with about 85,000 of his closest friends at Dragon Con in Atlanta. This annual event has been going on since 1987 (and yes, your A-Z Swagman was there), providing an event for southern fandom for all things sci-fi.

Late last year of course, we lost one of the great innovators of comic books. Stan Lee is credited with co-creating Spider Man, The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor, among others. Many of us enjoyed his cameo appearances in the slew of Marvel films, as well as shows like the Big Bang Theory. Stan, you are missed and thanks for everything you gave us!

This year, Dragon Con decorated the lanyards with a touching tribute to Stan Lee. Excelsior was his trademark catchphrase, and fans of his creations are called True Believers — both of which adorn this one-inch wide, soft-feel, sublimated lanyard. 

Lanyards are a staple of event badging and are an opportunity to convey a message, be it advertising a business, promoting a cause, or honoring an individual. Decoration methods include embroidery, weaving and sublimation. A variety of connection methods come at no additional charge. Band widths range from a quarter-inch to a full-inch — obviously, the wider the band the larger the image space.

Two things to remember when decorating lanyards: one, while the lanyard starts out flat, it will not always be viewed flat, or in it’s entirety. Be sure the artwork has multiple approaches and test the art on some virtual images. Two: Your A-Z Swagman is always concerned with safety, and recommends the addition of a safety break on your lanyard. These can add a few cents cost to each lanyard, but in the end, could prevent a tragedy at your event. Remember, an ounce of prevention!

As always, contact your A-Z Office Resource Promotional Products division, or your local A-Z Rep, if you need lanyards for an upcoming event, or for any other promotional products. To see more information about Dragon Con, visit 

Oh, and one quick teaser: the next blog posting (or maybe the next two!) will also be about Dragon Con. Can you guess what other promo item(s) your A-Z Swagman found there? Email with your guess!

Any products found were obtained legally and photos are of the actual item. Current available items mentioned are subject to availability and prices or specials mentioned in the entry may not be current. Opinions and assumptions of the products shown are exactly that -- educated opinions and assumptions based on years of experience in the graphics and marketing industry, as well as some light online research. Any errors are regrettable and will be corrected as necessary. No offense is intended by any conclusions drawn by your A-Z Swagman. Any feedback from the marketing firms that produced these promotional products will be incorporated into a follow-up blog entry! 


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