Stumbling Upon Promotional Products in the World #16

  • Dec 29, 2021


Stumbling Upon Promotional Products in the World #16


·     Found: in your AZ Swagman’s dish rack (apparently someone did dishes by hand!)


·     Item: Silicone tumbler


·     Promoted Brand: Halestorm




Once again, your A-Z Swagman has found himself surrounded by promotional products at home. OK, well maybe not surrounded, but I did find this very identifiable tumbler in the dish rack the other day. I was able to recognize it as not only decorated (duh), but also a unique tumbler brand in the promotional products world. Silipint is one of those tumblers that may cost a bit more, but they have a definite quality feel. They’re made of a thick silicone, are totally unbreakable and very flexible.


Inquiring as to how this tumbler arrived in the house, I was informed that my wife added it to a purchase of band merchandise, in order to achieve free shipping. A little side note here, my wife loves attending metal band performances. (Your A-Z Swagman is less enthused, but I do get excited when promo is involved!) Halestorm is one of her favorites – and I did get to see Lizzy Hale open the inaugural Nashville SC MLS game!


This tumbler is listed on the Halestorm site for $20 – a very typical price for a quality tumbler with a band’s logo. Had the band been able to purchase these through your A-Z Swagman (check them out at the A-Z Swag site here), they would have an AMPLE profit from the sale, allowing them to concentrate on the products needed for putting on a great show (guitar strings, drum sticks, ear plugs [jk], etc). I have no doubt they worked with a quality promo distributor.


I wouldn’t recommend these tumblers for a trade-show giveaway, but for a loyal fan-base that will support (and adopt) your brand, this is a winner! Contact your local A-Z Rep or your A-Z Swagman today to start the conversation.



Any products found were obtained legally and photos are of the actual item. Current available items mentioned are subject to availability and prices or specials mentioned in the entry may not be current. Opinions and assumptions of the products shown are exactly that -- educated opinions and assumptions based on years of experience in the graphics and marketing industry, as well as some light online research. Any errors are regrettable and will be corrected as necessary. No offense is intended by any conclusions drawn by your A-Z Swagman. Any feedback from the marketing firms that produced these promotional products will be incorporated into a follow-up blog entry! 

Featured image is of Halestorm performing in 2015.



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